How to save money in a short time frame.

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Last Tuesday I took my eldest daughter to see a Ear. nose and throat specialist. It only took him 5 minutes to tell me she needed surgery. It took me longer to get a referral from the gp. Her infections started back in June and I finally convinced a gp for a referral in September.

So i got all the info about costs involved with the surgery. Doctor’s fees Etc. So the figure was 2k.

I came home thinking on how I could come up with 2K in 10 weeks so my daughter could have surgery in the 11th week.

I messaged Maini Homer a mentor I have worked with in the past for some advice and she told me to break it down and  set the goal. She challenged me to see if I could come up with a plan to get the money in 24hrs. I had it done in about 6hrs.

We are only a 1 income family with a little government help.

Step 1: Goal set at 2k

Step 2: Divide the goal by the number of weeks eg, 2000 divide it by 10 =$200 a week

Step 3: See where I had been spending money and I found a lot of it being spent on little things. Afterpay was the biggest money pit for me. Not anymore. I even put my change away to achieve this as well

Step 4: put all the money when available in a separate bank account.

I hope this does help you see that your need to be in control of your money or it will control you.

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