Why I have been missing

I just wanted to share with you guys why I haven’t been sending out new content lately.

I have been working and getting the ndis (national disability insurance scheme) for my one of my children which took a lot of my time away from writing. I’m pleased to announce that we ended with a package to help with her therapies so she can continue developing and getting the support she needs as she is legally blind.

I have also been doing a kids yoga course online which I’m nearly finished as well.

All 3 of my kids have been unwell for the whole month of August. 2 were put in hospital at different times with different things wrong. My eldest child has had her fair share of ear infections, I now have a referral to a private ENT. My Middle child was hospitalised with a severe case of Tonsillitis and The baby of the family was hospitalised with adenovirus. Which I hadn’t heard of it before.




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